The BKSA teaching system

Level 1:

Level 1, Part 1: Basic kite flying.

Level 1, Part 2: Water based flying.

Level 1, Part 3: Bring on the power, basic body dragging (downwind only) & self rescue.

Level 1, Part 4: Directional body dragging ( cross wind,upwind & balance body dragging)


Level 2:

Level 2, Part 1: Intro to board & technique.

Level 2, Part 2: First board starts & technique.

Level 2, Part 3: First rides & prolonged riding and power delivery.

Level 2, Part 4: Independent Kitesurfers, ride with others.



So this is what you will actually learn from above in a more detailed break down:


Level  1, Part 1:

Here you will learn basic kite flying skills  and steering with a trainer or foil kite, basic principles of site assessment, rigging the trainer, pre flight checks, parts of the kite, small Intro to release mechanisms and when to use them, communication signs, power window and power control, learning to let go.


Level 1, Part 2:

Intro to the LEI Kite, how to rig the LEI kite up and preflight checks, water based assessment  incl weather and tides, intro to the harness, intro to the bar and learning the safety mechanism, water relaunching, learning kite control and small power strokes.


Level 1, Part 3:

Learn first down wind body dragging, and using the power window, learn to generate constant power and how to stop! Learn kite steering and trimming, re launching in deeper water and learning a self rescue on water.


Level 1, Part 4:

Learning directional body dragging that’s learning to body drag crosswind, upwind and learning the ever important balance body drag which will prepare you for first board starts.



Level 2, Part 1:

Intro to board starting and technique, here we introduce a competent flyer to the board,teach water start technique, and teach general overview of different types of boards and which are best suited for you. Learn how to carry your board on land and on water.


Level 2, Part 2:

Here you will learn your first board starts (an amazing feeling), teach you how to come up onto the board by using the kites power including your body position, board direction ,control and safety.  You learn how to get onto the board in the water, learn the kites position at this time, which foot goes in first and how to adjust straps for good foot feel. Learn good body position,including limb position, and teach the first power strokes.


Level 2, Part 3:

Learn first prolonged rides and prolonged power delivery, so after learning to board start we address the issue of prolonged travel. This is a combination of the crosswind body drag learned earlier whilst standing on the board. Learn good stance and speed control. This is generally done on a bigger kite to increase power and to create the potential for adopting a proper riding technique.


Level 2, Part 4:

Independent kite boarder, here you learn everything from stages 1-7 previously and be autonomous with these, from rigging ,launching landing, all areas of site assessment and kite size judgement. Be able to rig kite on the beach, safely launch, head to water safely and competently, abide by rules of water and know the rights of way. Know how to relaunch kite if it crashes, ride the board, recover the board without the aid of an assistant. At this stage the student can now go out independently to practice more.