A warm welcome to Rush Kitesurfing Galway 


CONTACT NUMBER 087 672 4454

Welcome to Rush Kitesurfing in Galway. LEARN how to kite with Irelands NO 1 Big Airs and current record holder in Ireland, you get the best advice and knowledge. If you’re looking for an interesting and exciting extreme sport to do the answer is right in front of you – or rather right above you: Kitesurfing is the ultimate rush, a year-round pursuit, with an estimated 4000-5000 people in Ireland currently kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is currently one of Europe’s fastest growing extreme sports and is also a progression sport.

Rush kitesurfing teach all year round as kite surfers kite all year round. Rush kitesurfing provides professional BKSA kitesurfing instruction to students and deliver that tuition in a safe, controlled and fun manner.Please ensure that your instructor is qualified and licensed to teach you. All students are advised (before their lessons commence) to have their OWN medical insurance  cover.


Rush Kitesurfing Galway will provide the student with everything they need on the water. We use the very latest Cabrinha gear for teaching. With Rush Kitesurfing Galway you will get guaranteed thorough tuition tailored to your specific needs, in other words we don’t teach in large groups like our competition do. We work with you, you are not a number. Our teaching is thorough, precise and safe. We are more geared to teaching on a 1 to 1 basis as this is the easiest and fastest way to learn kitesurfing.


Our main lesson is 2,5 hours long and they are great fun. In short, in the initial 2,5 hour session, you will fly the kite in the water, learn LEI kite set up and safety systems, relaunch it, do some body dragging ( the real fun bit! ) and most importantly learn to do a self rescue.

In subsequent lessons, which are 2 hours long  you will progress from where you left off.


We don’t do groups of 4,5,6 or even 10 as other local schools do. YOU get the maximum benefit from your lesson on a one to one basis. You are also advised to bring your own towel and even a hot drink for when the session concludes.


We help all our students with all the information  they need with regard to buying equipment and getting started. Many people just assume they will buy a kite and board and that’s it. Most first timers will actually buy the wrong equipment and waste their money. Ask us about the equipment that you need to purchase if you decide to pursue this hobby. There is a lot to be learnt here, kite sizes, kite shapes, safety systems , correct equipment purchases, different board sizes, styles for different types of riding and this applies to kites as well. We will provide you with everything you need to know about kiting.

From a health and fitness  point of view kitesurfing keeps you extremely fit, and you know the saying: healthy body healthy mind.